•400 TONS of Slag Ash will be produced daily.

4500 TONS of Municipal Solid Waste (garbage) will enter Stony Point daily from sources outside Stony Point & Rockland.]

1.2 MILLIONS TONS of incoming garbage will be on our local roads every year

Concerned citizens are organizing to share information about New Planet Energy’s proposal to change the zoning of 39 parcels of land from L1 L2 (Light Industry) to “Green Industrial Facilities.”

These lots are adjacent to the four heavy industrial zones know as Kay-Fries, Gypsum, Tilcon, and Lovett. NPE is proposing that Stony Point be the home to massive heavy “green industrial facilities” to process Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from New York City under a proposal submitted to the NYSDEC. The first phase of the NPE project will begin at Kay Fries. The three additional sites named above are included in the proposal to “allow future expansion” of NPE into these newly designated “Green Industrial Facilities” designations.

The untested technology will attempt to “gasify” MSW into synthetic fuels. NPE failed in their last attempt to do this in Vero Beach Florida. We will not be fooled again by another energy company.

Simply put, We say NO new Plant Energy. We will protect Stony Point from becoming the dumping ground for massive amounts of New York City garbage. All are welcome to learn and to participate! Please bring a friend.

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