The proposal before the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation will change 39 light industrial zoned lots in Stony Point into four huge "heavy industrial zones". The zones were arrogantly named "Green Industrial Zones" in the proposal. The four heavy industrial zones, stretching six miles on the Hudson River, comprises almost 400 acres in the Hudson River floodplain.  Since the current proposal uses only a small amount of that area, who knows what could come later! This zoning change would change the nature of Stony Point and Rockland County FOREVER. Forget developing our waterfront for a sustainable future. Think of YOUR property values. Would you buy a home near the NYC garbage to gas plant? We MUST STOP chemical and energy companies from abusing us ever again!

Proposed Amendments to the Town of Stony Point Town Code

New Planet has also proposed amendments to Chapter 215 of the Code of the Town of Stony Point. The proposed amendments to the Town Code are intended to specifically address new technologies associated with the reuse of solid waste for the production of fuel, energy or other products through processes such as gasification or pyrolysis (“Green Industrial Facilities”). The amendments will clarify that Green Industrial Facilities are permissible uses, subject to site plan approval, in the Town’s Light Industrial “LI” LI-2 zoning district, and with a special use permit in the Town’s LI zoning district (the “Proposed Amendments”). The Proposed Amendments directly affect the following tax lots/addresses in the Town of Stony Point (see Appendix A, zoning map):

From the Town of Stony Point Website

New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) FINAL SCOPING DOCUMENT (Excerpt) 

Complete Document can be found at:


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