Our Purpose:

Protect Stony Point, Rockland, and the Hudson! Stand-up for our sustainable future.

Protect our environment--NOW.

NO New Planet Energy (NOPE)


NO Garbage Gasification (NOGAG)

    The nation’s largest plant to turn garbage into flammable and explosive fuel is proposed for the Hudson River floodplain in Stony Point.  

     We oppose this plant due to its bad environmental and community impacts:                 



MASSIVE GARBAGE TO GAS (GAG) FACILITY NEAR SCHOOL, RESIDENTIAL AREAS, HOSPITAL:  This new kind of GAG processing plant and the planned rezoning would allow heavy industry, toxic emissions, hundreds of trucks, and toxic trains to enter our communities every day filled with putrid garbage near schools, homes, shopping centers, and health facilities. No New York City garbage to gas plant in Rockland County.


HAZARDOUS EMISSIONS & GREENHOUSE GASES:  According to the company, locally, the facility would emit dangerous greenhouse gases yearly: over 69,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide, 69 tons of Nitrous Oxide and 10.5 tons of other hazardous air pollutants classified as potentially carcinogenic. No to increased emissions. 


UNTESTED TECHNOLOGY: This process of gasifying garbage into flammable and explosive fuels - has never been successfully used on mixed garbage on this scale. It has only been tested in a DEMONSTRATION LABORATORY.  No to Rockland County becoming one big chemistry experiment.


RISKY LOCATION:  Chemical plants exploded in flooded Houston due to Hurricane Harvey in 2017  The proposed garbage to gas plant would be sited on an 87 acres toxic waste site on land in designated "High Flood Risk Floodplain Area on the Hudson River.  Climate change is real science. The probability of increased flooding is real.  No to NPE in Hudson River Floodplain.


ZONING CHANGES AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS ON PROPERTY VALUES AND THE COMMUNITY: The proposal before the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation includes changing 39 light industrial zoned lots into four "heavy industrial zones." The zones were arrogantly named "Green Industrial Zones" in the proposal. The four heavy industrial zones, stretching six miles on the Hudson River, comprises almost 400 acres in the Hudson River floodplain.  Since the current proposal uses only a small amount of that area, who knows what could come later. This zoning change would change the nature of Stony Point and Rockland County FOREVER. Forget developing our waterfront for a sustainable future. Think of YOUR property values. Would you buy a home near the NYC garbage to gasification (GAG)? We MUST STOP chemical and energy companies from abusing us ever again!  No NPE.  Let's make Stony Point Sustainable!


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